oller Rinks to NYC, Disney and Beyond!   (50% Done)

Who would of thought? Roller Rinks have been proven to be a launching haven for young talents mentored by Professor David Musial under the name Skate Dance® Records! Musial has tens of hours of source footage in storage from the multitude of shows he's done since 1993. This TV Show will work with the current generation of rinks, and launch the Next Generation of Singers, based on the 22 year history Musial has generated as a Mentor for Pop/Dance Music.

Back in the mid-1970s Prof. Musial would go to a roller rink near the Buffalo Bills football stadium. He was a student at the Orchard Park High school and he went to the Orchard Park Roller Rink on Friday and Saturday nights. It was the cool place to hang out. They played the hottest music, video game arcades didn't exist yet, but skating was fun and there were no parents! The rink had a Country Western theme including a little "jail" in a corner for "time-out" if you got caught skating too fast. Well Dave it was put in jail a lot because he skated fast and he was caught by Jean the man who owned the roller rink: all good memories.

In 1993 David made a trip to Buffalo from New York City, to visit family for Thanksgiving. He had five nieces and nephew's between maybe age 6 and 13. He thought "what can uncle Dave do with them that would be fun" He suddenly remembered roller skating. Now the audiences at roller rinks changed in the 80's, and in-line skates were invented, and so were stand up digital video games and arcades. David took them to the Orchard Park Rink. It was crowded with middle school age kids but they were mostly at the video games! The rink floor was empty, but suddenly we heard the song "Ghostbusters". Poof! The rink was magically swamped with hundreds of kids, waiting to shout out the response to "Who Are You Going To Call?..."GHOSTBUSTERS!" David thought "wow, the power of music!" You can't touch it, you can't see it, but look at what it does. He then saw "Gene" the rink owner who was still there 15 years later, and David thanked him for the great memories. David then thought maybe someday he will write a song about his great memories at that rink and give it to him?

Well that opportunity happened & Dave returned at Christmas and gave the song on a CD to Gene. He played it and of course there was no response, because the kids didn't know it. Dave returned 2 months later for his father's birthday and passed the rink by, so he stopped in. Gene says, "hey Dave look at this, wow!" He played the song and it was a smash hit!!! David thought maybe he should bring the singer from New York City there, and sing the new rink theme song, to see what happens. He did, and the 16-year-old sang a couple of his "pop" songs. The kids went nuts over it! This gave the singer experience performing in front of kids about his own age. It allowed the producer to test songs, and it gave me Dave gave the idea to give birth to SKATE DANCE RECORDS. Professor David Musial now has two full albums of 26 songs published AND the concept for a cartoon series called SKATE DANCE. The third album is in-the-works starring "MACIEJ, the Little Polish Music Tech Wonder Boy!" The song skate dance went on to be performed all over America including big sports Arena stage is 16,000 and more. SKATE DANCE mentors young talent from Roller Rinks to Big Stages anywhere, and the future cartoon series has unlimited possibilities.

Skate Dance