The Royal Snow Queen
Miss Bernadine DeMike-A Theatrical Visionary
Concept By David Musial & Jim Rebholz
(25% Done)

Miss Bernadine DeMike (83) has inspired and trained hundreds of Musical Theater performers from the Western New York area for over 50 years. This show demonstrates how her delicate and intense style of mentoring, has open doors for countless theatrical entertainers.

Many have gone on to stardom on Broadway, in Vegas, Hollywood and more. I received my first professional Live Sound Design “break” after editing many lesson music tapes for her, by running the sound at her first big Shea’s Buffalo event. As a ballerina in he youth, Bernadine performed on countless stages. While raising her 7 children in Orchard Park, NY, she started the “Royale Dance Theater” and initially from her home, she taught many, many students and mounted a myriad of productions with her most notable being a rendition of the Hans Christian Anderson Tale “The Snow Queen”. It has been performed at the prestigious Shea’s Buffalo and beyond. Alumni students are constantly reaching out to Miss Bernadine and people around her stating how much she has “changed” or “influenced” their lives. Some of her own children have been involved in her productions and one went on to “West Point Academy” and now is a high executive at “Google”! Most recently Miss Bernadine assisted with the costume design and choreography for the initial music video for a unique alternative high school for college aged women in poverty, founded by Catholic Sisters 25 years ago, near the Statue of Liberty.

The Two Hour Documentary concept (less commercials and could be divided and expanded into 13-Ten minute “webisodes”):
PART 1This would ideally be a collection of historical video & still clips merged with taped interviews, including many I have already conducted with Miss Bernadine in Ultra HD 4K last month when she visited NYC, and the best of a Live Production/Tribute-Roast in Buffalo.

PART 2 The “Tribute Event” or would ideally be a History Show, Fashion Show, Tribute and Fund Raiser with a Chamber Ensemble of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra!  It would be co-produced by Jim Rebholz of AM Buffalo & maybe one of her students could Co-Emcee the fashion show. To add variety Joy Medina & Brady Cudmore would be the Co-Hosts of the Tribute Show.

Segment A: History
A Fifteen Minute Video Projection of her most famous works is screened
Ideally it would be in the main ballroom/vestibule of the Buffalo History Museum.
A screen would show a 15 min video of a fast paced edited summary of some of her productions, I would score original theme music for any historical footage if needed.

Segment B: The Fashion Show
Local models (preferably her students) could show her vast collection of period theatrical costumes by gracefully walking down the stairs like a “model runway”, as the Chamber Ensemble performed music selected by Miss Bernadine to match the period in history.

Segment C: The Tribute
The “Tribute” is where Miss Bernadine sits next to the Co-Hosts Joy & Brady and they bring up to the stage one at a time in a Talk Show format, artists who Miss Bernadine has mentored and have turned into the Next Generation of Stars! They will answer the questions “When & Where did you meet and What have you done I the field?” They will also be asked to share something funny!

To each side of her would be the co-hosts “Joy Medina” and “Brady Cudmore”, who will introduce all “KEY TALENT” speakers and nurture/moderate the next 60 mins or so. Spread across the stage would be 10 of Miss Bernadine’s most successful students, and they would each take the camera and tell their story about her, what they have done since and now! At the end of the live show, there would be an “open mic” in the audience (and wireless handhelds) and audience members would have a chance to step up and contribute. Bernadine is a prime example of a “MENTOR” to the Next Generation of Stars.

Segment D: The Silent Auction
These unique costumes would them be placed into a silent auction and proceeds would be directed to Miss Bernadine to decide where they go.

Local sponsors: Maybe hotels, restaurants and car services could assist. Local & national press would be invited.

In summary, the documentary for broadcast would consist of an edited & posted version of this live show (filmed in Ultra HD & surround sound), and would also contain some of the interviews I already captured of Bernadine’s reflection on her contribution to the arts and her plans for the future!