The Mad Screen Box 
(This could launch 20 solo shows!)   (25% Done)

Demo Episode 1 for the NextGen Stars® MAD SCREEN BOX® Show

Episode 1 Demo

This show is "like" a star studded reality talent show, in that the "search" portion is how the "mentor" (Prof. Musial in this series) discovered the singing talent. It is a "how-to" show because we see one of Prof. Musial's Music Producing student grads, craft a new song in an amazing studio. We then see the "Stage Designer" inspire a music video or stage show concept for the song. This promotes the artists and the producers. The show closes by showing how these singers made amazing character voices for the video game.
            In 2014 & 2015 Musial was honored by Ali Murat Animation, to create the character voices for 17 of the 20 games on the new “Mad Screen Box” Interactive Animation portal, on the SPI International Television Distribution System. It is billed as the world’s first Ultra HD 4K Video Game! Musial casted ten of teh best musical associates, who are also actors to create all of the character voices. The first show concept will be about this venture, and it is a Talent Search turned into a Reality Show and then into a Virtual Reality Show, all-in-one! All of the talent are people Musial met gradually over time, and has produced as singers/actors with his One World Artists or Smart Trax Media companies. All of the Producers who make a song in the show with the talent, were one of Prof. Musial’s college students or apprentices, who he helped to teach how to become a producer. Some have earned #1 Records on the Billboard Charts.

            Musial introduces the show from his unique SkyRoom Studio facility perched high above the NYC Harbor in a Penthouse Suite loaded with the best State-Of-The-Art  Music & Video Technology Toys! Next we see the Co-Hosts  JOY & BRADY on a large sound stage set (which looks like a cross between “The Voice” and “The Mad Screen Box” animation set).  This is the TALENT SEARCH portion and here they introduce the Talent and the Producer. They ask them “How did you meet Prof. Musial” (Musial will be the “MENTOR” in this series for obvious reasons, there will be more MENTORS in future episodes.) They are then seen “making” a song in this studio. (The How It’s Done segment.)  The REALITY SHOW portion follows: The hosts then ask what they do with the song after it is made and we see the stage director “Danilo” discuss the creation of a music video or a stage show. The next segment shows a music video or a live show video. The following segment is the VIRTUAL REALITY SHOW portion and talks about the making of the cartoon voice and we see a segment of the final animation featuring the voice of the Talent. Professor the closes the show by saying if you like the Music, The Producer and/or the Game visit NextGen All 20 of the talents and producers could launch their own show from this “mother” show. At least a 13 episode “Mad Screen Box” related series!

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