Prof. Larry Yates
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Dr. Larry Yates is a professor in NYC and composed the lyrics to the modern day tale “FIND THE GOLDEN BIRD”. As the producer of this show, Professor Yates, inspires the cast and audience by creating incredible pieces to be shared through theatrical venues.  An accomplished librettist, the accolades told through his art, invite minds of all ages to partake in fantastical adventures teaching them of courage, strength, and beauty. We see Dr. Yates work with the brilliant, humble and vibrantly creative NYU Music Theater Graduate student Emily Rose Simons, who composed the lovely, funny and dynamic music. Many of the actors were younngsters who were inspired by Dr. Yates, and the audience learns of the mentorship from the aftershow interviews.

            This Broadway Style Musical was performed in the  New York City Thespis Festival in July 2015.  Out of 65 shows it was brought back for an encore performance! One World Artist & NextGen Star BRADY®, is the male lead actor & Prof. Musial has been assisting in promotion. He has filmed all 4 performances.
            Synopsis: There was a kingdom 500 hundren years ago in northser Europe ruled by a King who had 3 Prince sons! One day he announced that his kingdom is facing a disastorous famine. He proclaimed that there is a "mystical golden bird" out in the wilderness of his kingdom, who has special powers that can save the kingdom. He orders his Princes to venture into the kingdom to "Find The Golden Bird". He says that the Prince who succeeds will then be offered a bride and he will step down from his thrown and make this son the new KING! Beware... there are evil "trolls" in the kingdom who will kill you if they find out that you are seeking the Golden Bird!  (Shh..Brady® finds the Bird, gets the Bride and becomes the King!!!)

Find The Golden Bird