BRADY® LIVE   (20% Done)

BRADY® Live shows Brady casting for talented Singer/songwriters on-the-rise. We see him work in a recording studio where he polishes and produces a recording of their song. We then see him coach the singer to perform the song. The show moves on to a music night club and we eventually see the singer perform it live either to the soundtrack or with a live band. The show closes with responses from the singer and from the audience and then markets the song on the NextGen Stars iTunes/Download site.

BRADY is a dynamic Actor, Emcee-Host, Singer/Songwriter/Musician, Dancer and graphic artist.  The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted the parent company of NextGen® Stars One World Artists, LLC the REGISTERED U.S. Trademark (#77939941) “BRADY” on 9/3/2013.

            The show “Brady® Live” was born after he did the famous “A Song Is Born TV Show in NYC” where Brady was labeled a “ROCK STAR” by the judges!  Brady has started to host “Open Mics” all over the NYC Tri-State area and has been well received by the audience and singers as well. In this show we see how Brady finds the venues and how he decides who he will showcase.  He has a comforting and encouraging style back stage when he often meets with first-time stage performers. We see him give his unique “pep and anti-stage freight” talks, and advised on how to “work” the audience so it is enjoyable for all. This is the “NextGen-Mentor” portion of the show. Brady is seen in some small intimate spaces and some cutting-edge famous places! Brady as the HOST is the DJ, he sings as he spins, then he drums along and then introduces the talent! Such fun!!! Season One will take place in the New York City/Tri-State area. Future seasons will travel the world.

Since Brady is also a budding record producer, he may even be seen in a studio working on tracks for the original songs by the artists. One performer for each show, will be seen with Brady in a recording studio first working on the track which will then be used in Brady Live later! The creative process will be explored from lyric writing styles to arrangements. He uses the most cutting edge tools like Ableton PUSH, Native MASCHINE, Pro Tools, Logic, Stylus RMX, Omnisphere, Autotune, AVOX, Melodyne and more.  The songs will be for sale through the NextGen Stars/One World Artists Store via iTunes and more so we will watch the excitement of how sales may grow

Brady was born on a potato farm in rural Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. His story is a major motion picture, but NextGen Stars Mentor Prof. Musial, has decided to show what one of his discoveries does on stage in NYC and beyond. Brady has already performed in the Hall of Heroes in the Pentagon, on a United States Aircraft Carrier in the NYC Harbor on National Radio, for a crown of 10,000 teens in Buffalo at the DUNN Tire Raceway, on all kinds of TV shows, in Carnegie Hall, Disney and more. Now Brady at just 25 is teaching his next generation of stars and this show demonstrates the magic of Brady.

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