Angelo Cerrone  A LEADER OF SONG

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From Broadway auditions, to voicing a TV Announcer on a project that won an Emmy for MTV, to singing demos for Pepsi jingles, voicing cartoon characters, singing the national anthem at the 150th anniversary of Baseball, and singing in the song "Spread Peace All Over The World" for the 50th anniversary of Baseball, his most unique honor has been to sing the most famous song by Pop Legend "Frank Sinatra "MY WAY" at his very own funeral in a church!  Angelo has chosen to be a church song leader/soloist and in this show he Mentors the next generation of Cantors and more!

            This show will explore the church music industry and the viewer will get to see the "inside scoop" of how that "Singer" is selected to be up at the altar! We see the ministry meetings where the music is selected, the rehearsal sessions, the quirky little things that exist in all churches, and you learn to "go-with-the-flo" and smile at your faults and accept the faults of others. You learn how to gently "turn off" the mic for the elderly choir member who simply has lost his voice but does not know it!  Yes, this can happen to anyone!

            Each episode will show Angelo running an audition process, (unlike the current pop shows that prosper from embarrassing people, Angelo gently encourages the not-so-ready candidate, to study privately with him and one of his staff instructors. We may see some of these sessions as well. We then training new cantors, and we then see them perform in a service.

            Professor met Angelo in 1990 when he became the music director at a dynamic church in Hoboken, where Frank Sinatra was born! Angelo was constantly compared to Frank (most artists do not like to be compared to anyone, because they are their own talent!) Angelo has a very strong and defined high tenor voice, and when he sings solos, it brings tears to the eyes! Angelo has a heart of gold and works very easily with other choir members, who he has Mentored in a gentle way over the years.

            Good Morning America phoned Angelo twice, many months prior and the morning of his passing of Frank Sinatra, and asked ANGELO to appear on the ABC TV Show, because they selected ANGELO CERRONE to represent the city, as the "Next Sinatra" to come out of "Hoboken" where he grew up! Angelo and his wife "Angelica", ran her family's restaurant "Gerrino's", which was known as the Finest Italian Restaurant in Hoboken. They knew the Sinatra family because they use to have meetings at their place. Angelo DENIED Good Morning America twice, because first of all, he is very, very humble, he's massively talented as a tenor vocalist, and he knew the family and thought it would be distasteful! A few days later Angelo get's a "routine" phone call from the pastor of the church, where he sings at on a regular basis. He say's "Hey Ang", we have a memorial service on Saturday. Angelo asks "anyone I know", the pastor says "Well, kinda, yes".  So Angelo sang at the service and on the 100th Birthday of the Legendary Frank Sinatra, we will see the response of Sinatra fans in one of the show's episodes.