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Production Facility SkyRoom Studio in the NYC Harbor
Reasonable Rates in the 35th Floor Penthoue suite with sweeping views of the NYC Harbor start at only $50/hr.
Hours are M-F 8am to 10pm..
Editing sessions can be later on weekdays M-R

For a fee, we can help in Music Composition, Dance Choreography, Audio, Video, Web & Stage/TV Show Production

Pre-Production planning,

Recording Prodiction by making "beats" or'tracks" or "instrumentals", Recording Vocals with YOU as the "Producer'. We can be the "Producer" for an additional fee.

Post Production as in Mixing & Mastering

Stage Training, Stage Show Managent

Graphic Design for CD Covers, Posters

Web Design

Social Media Banner & Profile imaged design

Copyrighting in YOUR name


  We can not "get yoy a deal", or get you an "agent" or a "manager" or "bookings on stages or TV shows"  

We do have lost of associates "in the industry" who watch what we do closely,
and they MAY be a chance that you MIGHT be a NextGen Star.